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includes 33 best-selling products

want to try over 30 different products for your beauty brand? this sampler is perfect for you! Our Try me samplers are available in a variety of light, medium, or dark shades to help you choose which products best fit your brand’s demand. take the first step in creating your beauty brand today!

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organic skin care sampler

do you envision your beauty brand offering organic skin care? if so, this sampler is a must! you will receive 20 full-size products ranging from cleansers, toners, treatments, men’s products, and so much more!

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mineral samplers

are you looking for something even more natural? included in our mineral samplers are our newest mineral eye shadow palettes. these come printed with our uniquely themed designs and are paired with a variety of lip & eye products to complement each palette.

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printed palette sampler

ever dreamt of having your own design printed on your eye shadow collection? get inspired with this sampler that shows you 4 different printed designs & color combinations in our newest eye shadow palette, the MAGNIFICENT 7 pan palette.

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